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Yammine Contracting Company (YCC) believe that "Customer Satisfaction" is the only way to success, we find innovative solutions and advance technology to solve their problems where no one else could manage. It offers to their customers a wide range of concrete services, the following:

Concrete Core drilling 

Core drilling is the core of our business. YCC can do coring into reinforce concrete from 6mm – 1000mm diameter for any concrete thickness, vertical, horizontal, and inclined holes.

Holes can be of the following:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Fire sprinklers
  • HVAC ducts
  • Anchor Fixing

Concrete Cutting by using Wall Saw 

Wall sawing is a specialized skill. YCC can do cutting by using Hydraulic and Electrical Wall Saw Machines to cut reinforced concrete and asphalt. Cutting depth by Wall Saw Blades can be upto 730mm Thickness. YCC can do cutting from vertical, horizontal and inclined elements.

Wall Sawing can be of the following:

  • Windows Openings
  • Door Openings
  • Duct Openings

Concrete Saw Cutting by using Floor Saw  

YCC offers a flexible full service to meet absolute majority of our clients sawing requirements.

YCC can cut quickly and precisely reinforced concrete or asphalt up to depth of 250mm Thickness with the use of floor saw to facilitate the removal of redundant materials or to form expansion joints in new slabs.

The benefit of this floor sawing is that they leave the remaining floor slab undisturbed, this in turn gives our clients a clean cut line to continue with their required activities.

Concrete Scanning 

YCC use the latest technology in Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS). We provide concrete scanning, 3d imaging and power cable detection/utilities location services.

Our trained GPR service technicians are experienced in locating rebar, post tension cables, tanks, utilities, voids, pipe, conduit, and underground objects, by using the most advanced in ground penetrating radar and services location technology.

Anchors pull out testing 

As an Approved Tester we have met strict criteria of the Construction Fixings Association. We support the CFA objective of “Ensuring Best Fixing Practice “by

1. Providing a high Quality onsite anchor testing service in the following categories : General Purpose Anchor Testing of chemical and mechanical anchors for tensile test loads up to 25kN.

2. Testing fixing to the CFA guidance Note “Procedure for site testing Constriction Fixings.”

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Concrete Cutting by Using Wire Saw 

Sawing with diamond wire is the most efficient way to remove large concrete structures such as foundations, bridges, Rock, Concrete pipes, and Steel pipes. Wire sawing can be done for any concrete thickness and any shape like horizontal, vertical and circular.

Soil boring for earthing by using boring machine 

Boring into soil & rock up to 150mm diameter, with maximum depth up to 30mtr, by using portable machine for easy access to confined areas.

Concrete scarifying & grinding 

YCC is using highly skilled technicians & machines to make scarifying & grinding more smooth to prepare the concrete for flooring.

Additional services include the supply and installation of 

  • Concrete Demolition
  • Chemical Anchor Fixing
  • Mechanical Anchor Fixing
  • Rebar Fixing