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Friulsider S.p.a. is one of the leading European companies in the production of fastenings and fixing systems, with base in the North East of ITALY and a solid presence worldwide. With more than 50 years of experience in the field, we supply a large amount of worldwide producers and distributors with more than 1500 European certified products and a total range of around 7000 items.


Our product range covers all possible products linked with fixing and fastening, including:
•   Metal anchor bolts for cracked and non-cracked concrete (753 line).
•   Chemical fixings (KEM-UP line).
•   Long nylon fixings for medium applications (FM X-5, TUP4, TUP lines).
•   Light fixings / universal plugs (FM XP, TU lines).
•   Self-drilling and self tapping screws (DRILLNOX, AP-STEEL lines).
•   Concrete screws (FM-CLK, VF lines).
•   Wood screws (FM-WOOD PRO lines).
•   Connectors (FM-Connect lines).

For more detailed information about our products, please check Friulsider official webpage where all the technical data sheets, certifications and products descriptions are available, More Than 1,500 Codes CE Certified (ETA approved) in Friulsider`s complete product range.

Friulsider ensures quality and high standards on all its products with a huge focus on technical research and development, and a systematic control of all internal procedures. To achieve the best fixing results, a highly qualified Technical Department works shoulder by shoulder with a widely equipped laboratory and a dynamic technical assistance, evaluating all client`s needs, testing our products and comparing them to the market`s alternatives. Great experience in the field, high and certified quality, constant and close assistance, and of course competitive prices - that`s what Friulsider is all about.

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