Concrete Treatment

DIAPRO provides value-added services and specialty solutions that are intended to meet design and engineering goals and reduce customers’ overall construction costs.

Floor Grinding – Specialized in providing floor grinding services for parking areas, residential buildings, shopping malls etc. to make smooth for all concrete surfaces.

Scarifying – To reduce concrete thickness and to make rough surface, we use high quality scarifiers

Polishing – If you are looking for shiny surfaces in concrete, marble,granite or tiles we have more economical and most high-tech solution.

Crack Injection – DiaPRO offers complete solution for filling cracks irrespective of its depth and width for the cracks. We have a very dedicated team to carry your work in a most professional way.

Flooring –  DiaPRO provides high quality services for floor preparation like epoxy , concrete repair, screed etc.

Sand Blasting – To remove corrosion or any concrete particles from the reinforce bars, we offer a very safe and efficient sand blasting method.